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Good design is something we can learn. It follows a certain set of principles, ones that don’t limit creativity but guide it. By learning these rules of the trade, you’re sharpening your toolset. What you do with those tools is entirely up to you. / cooking and food

There are 7 key principles of design: balance, emphasis, pattern, movement, proportion, white space, and contrast. As you go through that list, you’ll likely realize some items are intuitive. That’s because our minds are already good at recognizing these principles in well-designed images. As a quick exercise, and as we push these definitions further, think of an image or graphic that you like. Keep this image in mind as we learn more about the 7 principles, and see how they fit into it.

You’ve taken an amazing photo, but the background is… less than desirable. Or perhaps you’ve been doing photoshoots at home for so long now that your background and social feeds feel as tired as you are. We’ve got just the thing to spice up your photo editing. The secret lies in learning how to remove backgrounds from your images. In this post, we’re going to teach you how to create a transparent background on your image in just a few easy steps. Let’s get to it.

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